We have complete design, engineer, and technical equipment to accomplish customer’s quality, creature and fast delivery
requirement.          We also accumulated a lot of experience and can provide immediate assistance to solve the problems
occurred in product design and production process.  The sales department quickly response messages between two sides
to meet shipping schedules or other special needs from customers. Welcometo send your samples, drawings or to tell us
your idea, and we will give you our quotation and sample ASAP.



Manufacture Equipment

  1. NCT Auto Punching Machine
  2. Laser Cutting Machine
  3. Punching Machine
  4. Auto Hi-Speed 3-axis Linear Hole-Punching Machine
  5. NC Folding Bed Machine
  6. Bending Roller
  7. Shearing Machine
  8. Metal (Tubing/Sheet) Cutting Machine
  9. End Cap Spot Welding Machine
  10. Drilling Machine
  11. Tapping Machine
  12. Spot Welder
  1. TIG and Aluminum Welder
  2. MIG Welder
  3. TIG Welder
  4. Copper Welder
  5. MIG Robotic Welding Machine
  6. TIG Robotic Welding Machine
  7. Polisher
  8. Surface Grinding Machine
  9. Surface Brushing Machine
  10. Packing and Assembly Conveying Belt

Quote Process

  1. Customer provides quote information
  2. Quoting process and reply to customer quotation
  3. Customer agrees quotation and begins to make sample or mass production

Customer disagree quotation, and sales department analysis the reason and discuss any solution available.